Emma Baines & Jon Woodhouse
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We run group functional fitness classes at the brand new John Jeffrey Pavillion and provide personal training at a small gym on the outskirts of York.

At the core of functional fitness is the idea of resistance. Whether this is picking up weights or swinging kettlebells, or even just working against your own bodyweight, every movement is a purposeful and targeted process to improve strength and stamina in ways that are beneficial to everyday life.

To do this, we’ll teach you to safely use some equipment you might not be familiar with, including olympic barbells and kettlebells. Combined with bursts of cardio, you’ll feel better than ever before.

Through these exercises, you’ll find improvements in your everyday life. Going from sitting to standing is basically a squat. Picking up something heavy from the ground (like a toddler!) is very similar to a deadlift. Functional fitness is exactly that: functional.