Pure Words
Website: www.purewords.co.uk
Twitter: @pureclaire
Tel: 07710 389471

Looking for a website rewrite, a higher profile or help with writing social media posts, blogs and press releases? I'll work with you to achieve your aims in a cost-effective way.

I’m a journalist, copywriter and editor with the skills and media know-how to help businesses define and communicate their brand, so they stand out and make an impact.

First, I listen to each client’s requirements and help pinpoint what makes their business special. Once we’re agreed on key messages, I make sure they reach the people who matter. 

My background as a national and local newspaper journalist, topped with wide experience as an agency and freelance communications consultant, has given me the expertise and media contacts to manage every story the way it should be told.

Contact me for a chat about how I might help boost your brand.