Tipsy Fox
4 Ryedale Court YO32 3SA
Tel: 01904 765 362
Facebook: @tipsyfoxhaxby
Instagram: tipsyfoxhaxby
Twitter: @tipsyfoxhaxby

In 2009 the Booze Beast that was Threshers went into administration and from the ashes rose the Tipsy Fox (Phoenix didn't make it sadly and ALL rumours that Fox ate it were never proved)

His ambition was to provide a ridiculously  well stocked shop for those who liked a drink and were lucky enough to live near it. (It's not all rocket science folks). Now with two outlets (Haxby and Easingwold) both are stocked with an amazing array of drinks offering loads of choice for your daily wine and beer necessities through to many items for special treats and gifts.

So! If you like a malt in the morning, champagne with your lunchtime soup, Cointreau with afternoon cake and coffee or a simple bottle of wine while making dinner then it's possible you may need to consider medical help! I jest of course but you get my drift. (Seriously though, please drink responsibly all you Fox frequenters)

The Tipsy Fox. Rummaging through bins so you don't have to!  YOU'RE WELCOME!